The Weekend of Playing Catchup

This weekend, as the post title suggests, was a weekend in which I caught up on many things – drinking, sleeping, sports, and cleaning my apartment.

Thursday night was TNT at the Museum of Contemporary Art. It was also the night that I caught up on drinking, since it was the day that I found out for certain that my lab is moving to San Francisco. Society! played, but it was the sort of day where I was having trouble concentrating on anything other than the news I had received and my chosen method of forgetting that news. After Pete graciously picked me up from downtown (I wisely took the bus to get there), we hit up Livewire for a drink and a chat with the Skull Kontrol boys.

Friday was baseball night, courtesy of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Bonds didn’t hit a homerun, but it was exciting every time he came up to the plate (he did manage to tie Hank Aaron’s record at Saturday’s game, but I wasn’t in attendance). Got dropped off after the game because I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. Stress will do that to you, I guess.

Saturday was breakfast at The Field (which inspired me to make some soda bread today), followed by cleaning my apartment – something that was desperately needed. It’s a good thing too, because I just found out that a friend is driving into town tonight with her boyfriend to spend a few days in sunny SD. At 3PM I hopped over to M-Theory to see John Vanderslice’s instore – more on that later. Saturday night was Engagement Party Part Deux – a reprise of last week’s party, in which Grass and Kristin tried to get rid of their leftover food before taking off to New Mexico to get hitched. Headed to the SDSC after that to try to catch The Infants, but Nautical Disaster was still playing at 11:30 and Pete and I were both falling asleep sitting up. Felt bad for missing the guys’ show yet again, but they are playing the Casbah on the 19th. Hopefully I’ll actually make it to that show…On a side note, I realized that the Sports Club’s sound system is almost as bad as the Ken’s. Everything sounds muddy, and the sound guy compensates by turning it up to eleven. Yowch.

Today I desperately tried to work on my major prop and did laundry. Heading up to O’Connells in a bit, then welcoming Krystal and her boyfriend into town sometime around 2:30AM. Yikes.