Things I Never Knew

I got a Valentine’s Day package from my mom in the mail today. Included with an assortment of candies and things I left at the house over Christmas, she sent my Health and Immunization Record, which apparantly she recently found while cleaning out one of their closets.

This settled a dispute we had right after I moved out to San Diego, where she insisted that she gave it to me, while I insisted that I didn’t have it (I only cared because I had no idea what hepatitis shots I had received previously). But more interestingly, recorded in my mom’s handwriting are some observations about my health and development as an infant.

When I was born, I was 21 inches long and weighed 9 lbs 5 oz (sorry Mom!). By the time I was one year old, I was 31 inches long and weighed 20 lbs 8 oz.

I could hold up my head at birth.

At 2 months of age I could roll over.

At 5 months, I sat up unsupported.

At 7 months, I “crept.” (Does this mean crawling?)

I stood up all by myself at 8 months.

At 9 months I could walk unsupported, and I spoke my first word.

At one year, I could form two word sentences.

From what I’ve looked up on normal infant growth and development, I seemed to have reached the walking stage way early. All I have to say is, where has all that coordination and gross motor skill gone?

Also, this wasn’t recorded in the book, but my mom told me about a year ago that I was the reason my parents decided to have only four kids, instead of six (I’m number two of four, so go figure how they decided on four and not just two). I cried ALL THE TIME, which they’ve since decided was due to my eyes being really sensitive to light, and possibly because I liked bodily contact (i.e. would rather be in a carrier than in a stroller, and would cry uncontrollably when in the stroller).

Babies are weird.