This Week in Shows: 03/10-03/16/2008

Monday, 03/10: Anti-Monday League featuring Crystal Castles DJ set, Health, The Muslims, Skull Kontrol DJs @ Casbah, $6.

Tuesday, 03/11: Weatherbox, Society!, Snuffaluffagus, Seasick Crocodile @ Che Cafe, $5.

Wednesday, 03/12: Beach House, Papercuts, Calico Horse @ Casbah, $8.

Thursday, 03/13: River City, Old Man Hands @ Ken Club, free (?).

Friday, 03/14: Roman Spring, The Airlines, Secret Apollo @ Ken Club, free (?).

Saturday, 03/15: Explosions in the Sky @ Soma, $14. Apparently when I first put this list together, I forgot that I was shooting this show for Pitchfork. Duh. That just shows that I shouldn’t keep Soma completely off my radar.

Sunday, 03/16: Rafter Band @ Tower Bar, $?.