Thoughts on the Che Cafe as a venue

I meant to write this stuff in with the last post, but seeing as how I forgot and I think it can stand on its own, here it is.

Things I like about the Che Cafe:
1) Cheap, intimate, independent venue (okay that’s really three things lumped into one)
2) Decent sound system
3) Decent lighting – amazing how with only three lights over the stage they manage to be brighter than the Casbah. Probably due to the brightly painted walls.
4) It’s a short walk from the on-campus pub, which is a short walk from the lab I work in.

Things I don’t like about the Che Cafe:
1) More scenester-y than the Casbah. Seriously, folks, crossed arms is like soooo 90’s.
2) I really wanted a beer the whole show.
3) The fact that I can see my lab from right outside. Convenient for a weeknight, but it would probably take a lot to get me up there on a weekend.