Tonight! 80 Billion Things Going On

My calendar for tonight looks something like this:

Battles @ Beauty Bar
Grand Ole Party @ Che Cafe
The Infants @ San Diego Sports Club
The Vision of a Dying World @ Tower Bar
Republic of Letters @ Ken Club

Good god, San Diego, what’s a girl to do?

Battles is out because I’m not too keen on standing in line to get into the Beauty Bar.

Grand Ole Party is out because I’m not riding the shuttle back to Hillcrest to pick up my car, only to drive it back to campus.

Realistically, I’m planning on going to see the Infants at the Sports Club (I think they open the show at 9:30PM but I haven’t gotten a confirmation on that yet), then hitting up the Ken Club to (hopefully) catch Republic of Letters at 11. Yikes. After party at Rosey’s? If I’m still on my feet at that point. Noontime beers are not really a good idea.

Haven’t heard about the Infants yet? Check out their Myspace. That guy’s got a voice that could pretty much make me do anything…and I’m a stubborn sort of person. Yeah.

In totally unrelated news, anyone heard anything about a rescheduling of the National’s show yet???