Tonight! Dr. Dog/Delta Spirit/The Teeth @ Casbah, $10

The Casbah is where it’s at tonight.

Took a break from shows last night (3 in as many nights, including a trip to LA), so I should be well-rested for this one.

I really like Dr. Dog‘s latest release, We All Belong, and their Philly-bred blend of The Beatles and The Band (“Carry that Weight” meets “The Weight”?), with a dash of Daniel Johnston thrown in here and there. It’s upbeat and catchy, making you want to sing along with every song.

My favorite song off the record is “Alaska,” which sounds more Band-ish than Beatles-esque. Alaska is almost Canada, right? They also name-check Philly in the song, which is fine by me. I wonder if they say “wooder” instead of “water?”

Anyway, here’s the official (and super-cute) video for “My Old Ways”:

And a live version of “Alaska” from this year’s Bonnaroo:

Delta Spirit is a local band that I’ve heard a lot of buzz about, so I’m excited to finally get to see them. And after watching these videos of a live performance at Lou’s Records, I’m even more excited:

Also playing are fellow Philly natives The Teeth. All of these bands sound pretty solid to me, and right up my alley of musical taste. I’ll be there early, camera in hand (of course). Come check it out and say hi.