Tonight! Prayers/Silverbird/The Vision of a Dying World/Swim Party @ Che Cafe, $5

It’s the continuation of The Prayers EP release weekend (they played Smiths/Morrissey covers at the Beauty Bar last night), and it’s at the Che Cafe on the lovely UCSD campus.

Considering I’ve already spent about 60 hours on that campus this week (gotta love grad school), why not a few more?

Or, to put it another way, why go drink at the pub and then have to drive somewhere else? Why not just walk approximately 100 yards to the Che Cafe?

Yeah, sign me up.

I’ve never seen any of these bands live before, but I’ve heard lots about all of them, so I’m pretty excited. I’ve only been to the Che Cafe once before, and that was for a San Diego Board Club meeting, so, as Shannon put it, “It felt like summer camp.” Should be an interesting venue for bands.

I’ll be photographing as usual – as this is my fourth show in six days, my camera is getting quite a workout…

Prayers Myspace page
Silverbird Myspace page
The Vision of a Dying World Myspace page
Swim Party Myspace page

Alright, I think I’m all caught up for now. Time to go scout out some happy hours and start working off some of this cumulative stress from the week…