Tonight! Swedish Models @ The Roxy, Vulture/Fifty on Their Heels @ Tower Bar

If you’re in or around LA tonight, be sure to catch The Swedish Models at the Roxy. Always a great show, and it’s for Ryan’s birthday! I’d be on their party bus tonight, but for the super-important grad school shit that I have to get done. Lame, I know, but what can you do?

The Swedish Models @ OB Farmer's Market, 7/18/2007
Andrew of The Swedish Models – photo by Natalie Kardos

If you’re in San Diego, like I am, check out Fifty on Their Heels and The Vultures at the Tower Bar with Aussie/English band The Scare. Maybe The Vultures will have copies of their new CD, even. Not 100% sure that I’m going to make it out for this one – it all depends on how much work I manage to get done today. But if I go anywhere tonight, it’ll be the Tower.

The Vultures @ Casbah, 7/11/2007
Chuck Rowland of The Vultures – photo by Natalie Kardos