Travel: Big Sur Day 4, 11/29/2009

Sadly, this was the last day of our trip and mostly consisted of driving back home. However, we did drive north a bit further after snagging some pastries from the Big Sur Bakery (YUM), crossing Bixby Canyon Bridge and Rocky Creek Bridge.

Big Sur 110

Big Sur 116

Then we turned around and headed south for what felt like forever, pulling off at this field so I could finish the last of my roll of film (I’ll post the film photos later).

Big Sur 118

We had some intentions of taking the Hearst Castle tour, but after finding out how much it cost and how long it would take, we decided to save it for another day and headed to our lunch spot from the drive up. I have to admit, though, if I was filthy rich, I wouldn’t mind having this as my front lawn:

Big Sur 121