Upcoming Events

I’m quickly closing in on the 24-hour countdown to my major prop defense. After I clear this hurdle, the only remaining hoop to jump through is my thesis defense – oh, and getting all that data in between.

But even as I’m readying for an afternoon spent repeating a 45 minute talk over and over, I can’t help but think of the fun shit coming up after the defense.

Friday night it’s the San Diego House Party with Kill Me Tomorrow and The Sess (and Mario’s B-Day, so naturally the Skullz are DJing). It’s going to be a great night that I plan on remembering only slightly and completely out of order.

Saturday is the SoCo Music Experience. I’ve got a photo pass, so I’m not sure how much drinking will be done, but I’m pretty sure shooting the Flaming Lips is going to be at least as fun as doing 3 shots of tequila. In a row. Or maybe I should make that 3 shots of SoCo?

Sunday night is Au Revoir Simone and Oh No! Oh My! at the Casbah. Pretty, pretty pop music.

Monday is the Gogol Bordello show at HOB. Once again, I’ve got a photo pass, so I’m really really looking forward to it. The lighting at HOB is exceptionally good, and it’s been awhile since I’ve had the pleasure of shooting a show there. Plus, it’s freaking Gogol Bordello – even if the lighting sucked it would be a great photo opportunity! Here’s hoping the wide-angle lens I just bought off of Ebay comes in by then…Sigma 20mm f1.8 holla!

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