Video: Okkervil River's "A Girl in Port"

I’m not really sure how I missed this video to begin with, but I just discovered it via It’s absolutely gorgeous – the video adds even more depth to a song that already spoke to me. It’s missing the tinkly piano and slide guitar, but it works really well. And that harmonica bit at the end? Positively makes me melt.

“Well I’m a weak and lonely sort
But I’m not sailing just for sport
I’ve come to feel, out on the sea
These urgent lives press against me
I’m just a guest, I’m not a part
My tender hands and my easy heart
These several years out on the sea
Made me empty, cold, and clear
Pour yourself into me.”

I feel this way sometimes, about my life before I moved to San Diego. I had a four-year relationship that could have easily (and happily) ended in marriage, but for reasons that are too personal to delve into here, I fled to the West Coast. Where the closest thing I’ve had to an actual relationship is friendship with benefits. It’s all by choice, and I suppose it’s all part of my own personal crusade to figure out what I want in life, but damn if it doesn’t make me feel like the protagonist of this song sometimes.