Weather Drama

I try not to be that bad of a weather snob. Title of my blog aside, I usually love not having to check the weather forecast before dressing in the morning and heading out for the day. But it seriously cracks me up how worked up people get out here about a little rain.

On our way to the Hollywood Bowl last night, someone remarked that we should bring our rain gear because “there’s a 30% chance of rain.” Are you kidding me? 30% chance of rain means there’s a 70% chance that it will remain completely dry – which it did. I’m not dragging out my rain gear for those odds.

And now there are reports of a “severe storm” coming through San Diego this weekend. I understand the danger from flash floods and all, and driving is hazardous on roads that haven’t been wet in months and have had oil building up on their surfaces all that time, but still. In a local NBC news story, campers reported about a “severe downpour” Thursday morning. It “was so bad it sounded like someone was spraying a hose on the tents.” That’s not a severe downpour to me. A severe downpour is when you’re driving and have your windshield wipers on high but still can’t see out the windshield because the rain’s coming down so fast. A severe downpour is when it sounds like your tent is underneath a waterfall, not a hose. Seriously, people.

On that note, I look forward to this “severe storm.” It might rain for all of 10 minutes.