Working on Sunday

I managed to stay away from work yesterday, but ended up going in today to make use of the really nice microscope in P’s lab. See, his boss is Kind Of A Big Deal. So P’s lab has more money, and thus, better equipment than my lab. Unfortunately, they have at least 3 times the number of people in their lab than mine, so my chance to use the really nice equipment was limited to today.

I brought my camera in with me, hoping to get some interesting photos of lab-type stuff to give people a feel of where I spend most of my time. But unfortunately, another lab member was working today too, and I’m still pretty shy about taking photos with other people around, at least in a work setting. So I didn’t take any in work, but I did take some photos outside my building:



strange fruit

fruit on the ground


Sometimes it’s nice to shoot in actual daylight and be reminded that shutter speeds over 1/100th of a second exist.